I’m Arunprasanth – Founder and CEO of Iris Garden (Pvt) Ltd. In the beginning, Jan 2017, we started at home (Dehwiala, Sri Lanka), a lot of brainstorming sessions with my family, how and what the formulation and complete product should look and feel. There, I was happy about the outcome and went all in to do the company registration and obtain the necessary test report for the product to launch; parallel to that, we open Facebook and Instagram. Initial Do-It-Yourself skin remedy was shared, it started to get a positive response and following in our social media. Introducing the product few stores and e-commerce sites accepted when we approached that gave me much need for confidence.

Today, Iris Garden is in more than 50+ local retailers, and we deliver domestic and global.

Iris Garden, the goal is to create healthier beauty products for men and women of all skin types. We are focusing on giving a complete solution top to toe, 100% vegetarian (No Harmful Chemical Added). Shower Gel, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Scrub, Hair Oil, Lip Balm, Eye Cream, Soap, Mist, Day and Night Cream, etc., are in development. We’re committed to change all the chemical products in the bathroom and dressing table of every household.

Our main driving focus is our community, consumers who look for products and services. We are open to suggestions and feedback to discover a need or solution which should be available in the market, that collective thoughts become an idea on paper, there we create a checklist of what is out there, and how can we be better and different. Daily at work, this has become our way of life.

We are working on products that are first of its kind in Sri Lanka; our team is very excited to launch it to the market soon, committed to building trust by producing products and services that match the consumer expectation and preference.


You’ve always been beautiful. Now you’re just deciding to have even Healthier, Brighter, and Clearer Skin.


Discover, Recognize, and Understand more about natural ingredients; we believe in making the cultural change by spreading the knowledge from one community to another, creating a tremendous impact on our way of life.