Arunprasanth Loganathan found Iris Garden in Jan 2017 Dehiwala, Sri Lanka. We focus on offering high quality natural skincare, haircare and beauty products. Premium in quality and preciously natural to promote positive impact globally. Now, Iris Garden having upto 50+ beauty shops and delivery to 62 countries.

Iris Garden is committed to building trust by producing products and services that match the consumer expectation and preference.

Fuller’s Earth Facial Pack is just the beginning; we will come up with more natural beauty products in near future. We are currently working on products that are first of its kind in Sri Lanka, our team is very excited to launch it to the market.


You’re always been beautiful. Now you’re just deciding to have even Healthier, Brighter and Clearer Skin.


Discover, Recognize and Understanding more fully on natural ingredients and be the cultural change by spreading from one community to another making a tremendous impact on our way of life.