We are a skincare company that delivers services through natural consumer products in Sri Lanka.

Iris Garden was founded to prove that, age-old remedies that have been handed down through generations
is the ultimate cure.

We are committed to building trust by offering products and services that match the consumer expectation
and preference.

Launched in Jan 2017, it will stand as a manufacturing and R&D company with a wide range of products,
like facial packs, hair oils and scrubs, etc. with distributors and customers around the global. Iris Garden
will be a friendly culture, incorporated with learning and development for both the employees and partners.

Fuller’s Earth Facial Pack is just the beginning; we will come up with more natural beauty products in near
future. We are currently working on a product that is first of its kind in Sri Lanka, our team is very excited to
launch it to the market.


Iris Garden provides you with care products for an even healthier, brighter and clearer skin.


Be the culture of Care Company committed to deliver earthy products for daily life.