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To begin with, acne scars is an inflammatory skin condition, it can be affected in different ways. For some less and for some severe. I had mild acne scars since I was 17 and I remember using different products to get rid of my acne. This is how I reduced my acne and if some one has severe acne they should probably go visit a skin care specialist because this video does not work 100% to everyone. This is what worked for me and it may work for someone with mild acne. . . . What helped me removing my scars was drinking a plenty of water. Trust me water makes miracles. Atleast drink 1.5L/2L a day. Try to eat less oily food and sometimes acne can happen to the spices we eat. As we know, living in Sri Lanka we put alot of spices to a curry. Do not completly stop eating it. Just reduce the amount of adding spices or eating it. Also, do not get stressed that causes break out too. . . . First thing I do is, I scrub my face with 1/2 Tbsp of sugar, (in this video I used brown sugar because I was running out of white sugar. Plus when you use any sugar if the grains are abit bigger mix it until it disolves to a less grainy consistency so that it want be harsh on your skin.) 1 tsp of honey ๐Ÿฏ, 1tsp of extra virgin olive oil. Scrub it for a minute and rinse it off with lukewarm water. I love using this scrub because it is all natural plus homemade. . . . I have being using alot of products but what I love to use when I am in Sri Lanka is @Irisgardensl Fuller’s Earth facial pack [1150LKR]. I love everything about them and have being using it for a long time. One reason why I love it, is because all the ingredients are organic. I used it thrice a week. But with using it regularly it gave my skin a good balance of oil. Therefore, now I use it once a week. It is super easy to use. All the instructions are given in the bottle. Here I use 1 1/2 from the wooden spoon they give And 1 Tbsp of water. Mix it until you get a firm paste. Not too thick and not too runny, it has to be in between. Wait for 15 minutes and rinse it off. Afterthat, do your normal routine of moisturizing your face. Hope this helped!! #lifestyleblogger #colombostreetstyle #beauty #makeuptutorial #skincare

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