Are Gold Facials Really Worth the Hype?

Are Gold Facials Really Worth the Hype? | Iris Garden

In the age of 24-karat coffees and edible gold desserts, gold facials have become the new norm. Especially when it comes to bridal beauty, gold facials seem to be the staple. Beauty gurus rave about the magical transformation you receive from undergoing a gold facial, but is there any truth to it? Are gold facials the new must-have when it comes to good skincare? Let’s find out!

Many beauty salons in Sri Lanka offer gold facials with the claim that the metal has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. We often see advertisements promising to improve collagen production, fight to age and reduce blemishes. Unfortunately, these products do not give the results they claim to give.

The truth about Gold Facials

However, here is the hard truth – there has no scientific research or studies that have been conducted that backs up the statement. There is no hard-hitting evidence to say that your over-priced vile of liquid gold is getting rid of your acne, blemishes, wrinkles, or dry skin. The only thing it might be doing is burning a hole in your wallet.

Additionally, there has been researched stating that gold compounds may interfere with your body’s natural processes. This can cause a rash, inflammation, or any other undesirable reactions. This means that applying and ingesting gold can do more harm than good to your body and skin. There aren’t any gold products in the market today that are FDA approved or recommended by dermatologists.

What to use instead?

Using natural and plant-derived ingredients has proven results in treating acne, blemishes, scarring, wrinkles, and texture. They are a better alternative to undergoing an over-priced gold facial. Ingredients such as fuller’s earth, turmeric, sandalwood, and honey will help you reduce the appearance of wrinkles, acne, and scarring. Both men and women of all skin types can apply Fuller’s earth on the skin in various forms, such as a face wash and a face mask. You will notice a difference in the texture and appearance within two weeks if you are consistent.

Now you must be thinking that you had some positive results after a gold facial, so it is definitely worth it. This is most likely because your facial may have had some other active ingredients apart from gold contributing to the positive outcome. Some gold facial products contain peptides, acids, and antioxidants that will improve the appearance and feel of your skin, but don’t be mistaken – this is not because of the gold, but instead the other ingredients.

Now that you know the truth about gold facials, you can make the right choice. Natural skincare is effective for your skin as well as your wallet!

Written by Harshani Dinushika

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