Consistency is Key for Good Skincare!

Consistency is Key for Good Skincare!

Taking five minutes to care for your skin in the morning and at bedtime can save you from tons of skin-related issues down the line. It really does not matter if your moisturizer costs a fortune if you only bother to moisturize your skin once in a blue moon. We often hear the importance of having a consistent morning and bedtime skincare routine. Read on to find out the important steps you should include in your daily skincare routine!

Morning Routine

Cleanser – the first step of your morning skincare routine is cleansing your skin using a face wash. Be sure to take 30 seconds to a minute and gently massage the product into your skin and get all the oil and dirt out of your pores. This is the most important step as there is no use if your skin is dirty and your pores are clogged; your skin won’t absorb all the goodness you are giving it.

Toner – a toner will help you eliminate any makeup residue and any other dirt left behind on your skin. Choose a toner that is suitable for your skin type. Pour some on a cotton pad and gently rub it on your skin.

Serum – the next step is using a serum. However, this is unnecessary if you are battling with acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, texture, or wrinkles. There is a wide range of serums to choose from for different skin concerns. Remember to use it before your heavier creams and lotions.

Eye Cream – eye creams are very good at making sure the skin under your eyes looks youthful and supple. If you are 30 or over, an eye cream will help you delay any signs of under-eye wrinkles and crow’s feet. Eye creams are gentler than normal moisturizers since the skin under our eyes is susceptible and much thinner.

Acne treatment – be sure to apply any acne treatment creams or a spot treatment lotion before your moisturizer so that your skin can absorb the product easier. You should be consistent with your acne treatment cream if you are trying to clear up your skin.

Moisturiser – This is the second most important step in your skincare routine. A good moisturizer designed for your skin type can save you from many worries in the future. It helps to protect your skin barrier and avoids any moisture loss from your skin. Moisturizing daily will help you have a youthful, glowing, and radiant complexion for years down the line.

Sunscreen – Lastly, protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun using an SPF sun protectant. If you are someone who goes outside or sits by a window at work, you should definitely use sunscreen.


Nighttime Routine

Makeup remover – if you wear makeup during the day, remember to remove your makeup using micellar water and a cotton pad before applying your cleanser. This will help you wash off your makeup a lot easier.

Cleanser – gently apply your cleanser on your face and neck to get rid of all the dirt, dust, oil, and makeup residue that’s left on your skin. Your skin needs to breathe and renew itself at night. Cleaning your skin properly will help renew and regenerate itself while you get your beauty sleep.

Toner – go the extra mile to make sure your skin is spotless by using toner. It will help to lift off any dirt that may be remaining on your skin. You can also use a toner that is enriched with antioxidants or a gentle acid.

Serum – using a serum before bedtime will help your skin look its best in the morning. You can use the same serum you use in the morning or a different one. Choose a serum based on the skin concerns that you are trying to address.

Acne treatment – use your acne treatment at night to get the maximum benefit out of it.

Moisturiser/ night cream – finally, seal everything in with a generous coat of moisturizer or night cream. This will protect your skin barrier and keep your skin moisturized at night.

Lip balm – give your lips some tender love and care by applying a hydrating lip balm at night. You will wake up with the smoothest, softest, and most kissable lips in the morning.

Written by Harshani Dinushika

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