Causes of Oily Skin!

In the new and much dustier lifestyle, skin issues are something not all of us can afford to skip. Oily skin is a major problem most women face and here are the reasons why.

Over Washing

Your skin naturally produces enough oil to keep itself healthy, but, if you over wash your face with scrubs and harsh products, the natural oils will be stripped completely, making your glands overproduce oil. Thus, always use gentle scrubs and cleansers on the face, and opt for using facial packs the likes of Iris Garden Fuller’s Earth Facial Pack thrice a week.


Oily skin can also be caused by certain medications you are prescribed to take. Some medicine dehydrates you, thereby making your skin produce excess oil to make up for lack of moisture.


The world is full of cosmetic products you can buy, from counter top sheet masks to brand items. Keep in mind that higher end and high-quality products don’t come cheap, and if you opt for cheaper cosmetics, you might end up having oily skin for which you will just spend more. Greasy products also cause more oil production in the skin, while also damaging it.

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