Why drinking water is good for you?

Make the water you drink count

All your life, you would have heard that drinking plenty of water daily is the cure to almost every discomfort you face, whether it is dehydration, lack of energy or even oversleeping. Though it is correct, do you know how you should be drinking water?


According to research, men need to drink about 16 cups of water a day while women have to drink 12 cups. And by drink, they mean untainted water, not soda, not water that is taken with anything mixed in it.


Applying numerous facial packs onto your skin the likes of Iris Garden Fuller’s Earth Facial Pack will certainly be beneficial for your skin, but, adding a lot of water intake with that will give you so much more results. Apart from flushing out toxins and keeping you healthy inside and out, the water also lubricates your joints and takes care of regulating the temperature of your body.

Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

Drinking hot water is known to reduce your stress levels and also improves the central nervous system. Furthermore, hot water activates the sweat glands in your body, helping you excrete the toxins you are exposed to all day long. Warm water soothes a troubled tummy and helps reduce constipation too.

Benefits of Drinking Cold Water

When it comes to muscle repair and glowing skin, cold water is you, friend. Increasing blood circulation to the surface of the skin, cold water also helps your body recover faster after an intense workout session.

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