Your Path To Healthier Skin | Fuller’s Earth Facial Pack

Hey there, let me introduce myself?

Healthy skin is something that cannot be achieved overnight, just like how unhealthy skin did not appear in a day’s time. Natural remedies are the best kind long-term cures for any skin issues, especially acne.

Fuller’s Earth Facial Pack made by Iris Garden, an organization that values itself on serving the community with nothing but pure, all-natural goodness, the Fuller’s Earth Facial Pack is an answer to most of your skin concerns.

What it Brings?

Be it acne, dark spots, tan or plain old blemishes that refuse to fade, this all natural facial pack will take care of it all. Following an age-old tradition, this facial pack using Fuller’s Earth known as  Multani Mitti in India, an enriched clay, along with turmeric and gram flour, both known for their antibiotic and cleansing properties.

Working Method?

Take a spoonful of the powder and add a teaspoon of water to it, add more until you get a spreadable paste-like texture. Evenly apply the mixture on your face and neck, leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes, then wash it off with clean water.

How Frequently do you Apply?

If you are prone to oily skin and breakouts, use the facial pack three times a week. If you have a combination skin, twice would be good, and if you have dry skin, using it once a week is advisable. Also, after you wash the pack off, do remember to moisturize your skin.

The Iris Garden Fuller’s Earth Facial Pack has all natural healing ingredients that give you cleaner, clearer, and overall healthier skin. Continuous use of this facial pack will result in glowing skin that is free of acne, blemishes and uneven skin tone.

5 thoughts on “Your Path To Healthier Skin | Fuller’s Earth Facial Pack

  1. Nethaka says:

    I just wanted to tell, I love the product. Its makes my skin smooth and preppy. I tried it with rose water and it feels better.

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