Your Path To Healthier Skin | Fuller’s Earth Facial Pack

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Healthy skin is something that cannot be achieved overnight, just like how unhealthy skin did not appear in a day’s time. Natural remedies are the best kind long-term cures for any skin issues, especially acne.

Why Fuller’s Earth Facial Pack?

All-natural and very effective facial pack. This facial pack includes three magical ingredients. They are; Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti), Turmeric, and Gram Flour.

Fuller’s Earth: Health Benefits and Uses

Scientifically named as Multani Mitti and its simple meaning is ‘Mud from Multan.’ The main component of Fuller’s Earth is Montmorillonite. It is an excellent absorbent, deep cleanser, deep cleaner, and detergent agent. Multani Mitti is effective as the deep cleanser. It can pull out oil, dirt, dust, make-up, and unwanted impurities from facial skin. It can control and regularizes oil production and helps to treat acne and inflammations on the skin. Fuller’s Earth removes away dead skin cell debris, blackheads, and whiteheads.

Turmeric: Health Benefits and Uses

Curcuma Longa is a scientific name of Turmeric, and the Bioactive compound is Curcumin. It is a yellow-colored natural chemical. ‘Root’ is the most valuable part, and it can give safety from harmful synthetic chemicals —excellent medicine for skin allergies and inflammations. So, therefore, this can use to prevent skin allergies and acne.

Gram Flour: Health Benefits and Uses

Gram flour is obtained from raw grams or Besan. It is a rich source for Protein, Linoleic acid, Oleic acid, Vitamins, etc. Good for acne and skin inflammations. It can stop the over secretion of oil and sebum. Besan is useful for lightening dark spots, acne scars, pigmentation, and helps to moisturize the dry skin.

Hence this Fuller’s Earth Facial Pack can help you to diminish your skin pore sizes and removes pigmentation, scars, acne blackheads, and whiteheads. Therefore, you can use it properly and make your skin healthy and naturally glowing.

Dr. (Mrs) R. Chandrika Rajapakshe – Professional Counselor
M.Sc., Ph. B. (University of Peradeniya) – BAMS (University of Colombo)

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  1. Nethaka says:

    I just wanted to tell, I love the product. Its makes my skin smooth and preppy. I tried it with rose water and it feels better.

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