Importance of Moisturising Our Body at Night

Moisturising our skin before bed is very important.

We have all been told ever since we were little that we need to moisturise every day in order to maintain healthy skin. Taking good care of our skin is very important, especially as we age to avoid looking unhealthy or older than our actual age. When it comes to the skin on our face and body, our facial skin is thinner and more sensitive so it requires gentler ingredients. The skin on our body is much thicker and denser; because of this reason, our bodies are more prone to losing moisture and looking dry and flaky. Read on to find out why it is important to create a good moisturising routine to help your skin thrive and look it’s absolute best!

We are often outside during the day – whether it is for work or university, our skin is exposed to the sun, winds, and pollution. Takes a massive toll on our skin’s wear and tear. It is important to give a bit of attention to the skin on our bodies every day, just like we do for our facial skin. When it comes to having glowing, hydrated skin, your moisturiser is your best friend. When we apply moisturiser to our skin, it replenishes the hydration on our skin. Our skin absorbs the moisturiser and locks in the hydration which gets rid of dull flaky and dry skin, and instead leave our skin looking smooth, shiny, glowing, and soft – all the things we want our skin to look like.

Moisturising our skin before bed is very important. This is because our skin grows and repairs as we sleep so it is important to provide our skin with the right nutrients and ingredients for it to do this. When we apply a moisturiser before bedtime, it creates a protective barrier between our skin and the atmosphere so that moisture is not lost from our skin. In addition to that, it also helps diminish premature aging when our skin is always hydrated and moisturised. To get the most out of your moisturiser, start applying a generous amount of moisturiser right after your shower, so that way the water content on the skin is locked in.

Another important ingredient to having glowing, hydrated skin is staying hydrated from within. Consuming enough water during the day is extremely important. When we don’t consume enough water, the first place our body draws moisture from is our skin. This leads to our skin looking wrinkled up, dry and dull. By consuming 8-10 glasses of water a day, you ensure that your skin gets the optimal amount of hydration and looking your best!

Written by Harshani Dinushika

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