Why Shea Butter is Amazing for Skin?

Shea butter is an ingredient that most of us have heard about or know about. We see that this is an ingredient that is used in most of the skincare products today. But, how much do we know about what this popular ingredient does, it benefits or where it is derived from? Let’s have a closer look at this well-loved beauty ingredient!

Shea butter is a fat that is extracted from the shea tree nuts. It is a natural plant-derived ingredient that is usually off-white in colour and has a creamy and buttery consistency. This ingredient melts onto your skin easily and has a high concentration of fatty acids and also vitamins. There are a great number of amazing reasons why shea butter is a must-have ingredient in your daily skincare routine.

Anti-inflammatory and healing properties

It has anti-inflammatory and healing properties that help restore the health and natural glow to the skin. People that suffer from skin rashes can benefit greatly from this ingredient as it has the ability to reduce swelling and redness on the skin.

Emollient properties

Shea butter creates a barrier when applied to the skin. This helps the skin maintain its moisture levels, and because this ingredient soaks into the skin, it leaves the skin feeling smooth and moisturised for very long hours.

Anti-ageing properties

Shea butter has a lot of anti-ageing properties. It helps promote collagen production and also slows down the rate at which collagen that is already present is broken down. The moisturising factor also keeps the skin looking a lot younger and healthier.

How to use shea butter on your face and body

The easiest way is to purchase a product that has a generous amount of shea butter present in the product. Shea butter is a good ingredient to apply on both the face and body. Make sure that you are using your face and body cream that has shea butter daily. The best time to apply this ingredient is at night before you go to bed so that the skin can soak up all of its goodness and creates a barrier on your skin so that moisture is not lost. You will wake up with soft, moisturised, smooth and soft skin.  

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Written by Harshani Dinushika

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