Tips for Smooth and Soft Hands

Our hands carry out almost every daily activity and come in contact with so many different materials, textures and also harsh chemicals sometimes. They are one of the most important and valuable parts of our bodies, however, our hands often get neglected. Especially due to the current pandemic, over washing and sanitising our hands have become an integral part of our life. Soap and alcohol dry out our skin and we are left with dry, rough and flaky hands that are begging for some moisture. Even though we cannot completely stop our hands from ageing, there are some things we can do to keep them looking young, hydrated, soft and healthy looking for longer.

Why is it important to take care of our hands?

Our hands are much more prone to ageing as the skin on them are a lot thinner than the rest of our body. Apart from that, our hands are constantly exposed to dishwashing liquids, harsh beauty products, pungent cooking ingredients, dirt and germs. They are also always exposed to harsh weather conditions such as sunlight, strong winds and the cold. Just like how we moisturise and take care of the skin our face and body, our hands require and deserve just as much of love and care.

How to take care of our hands?

Clean hands

When we wash our hands, it is important to use a soap or liquid wash that have moisturising properties in them, this way our hands don’t feel dry and rough every time we wash them. Additionally, make sure to wear a pair of latex gloves when you are washing dishes or handling any harsh chemicals so that the skin on your hands are protected.

Use a moisturiser

When you moisturise your face and body in the morning and evening, don’t forget to apply some moisturiser to the back of your hands as well at the end. This will help you keep your hands looking soft, smooth, young and healthy looking for a long time. Your hands age a lot quicker than your face. Therefore, to avoid looking older than you really are, don’t forget to slap on a bit of moisturiser after a shower and right before bed.

Massage hands

Our hands do a lot of work for us, so it does deserve a quick massage every now and then. Massaging our hands regularly helps improve the appearance and the texture of the skin on our hands. It will also help increase blood flow to our hands and help relieve pain. Reduced feelings of stress and improved sleep are also benefits of massaging hands.

Exfoliate hands

Using a scrub twice a week on our hands will help keep them looking soft and smooth. Exfoliation helps get rid of rough and dry skin and helps the texture and look of the skin. You can create a quick and easy scrub at home using sugar, coconut oil and honey. Use this to scrub your hands for 2-3 minutes. Your hands will be super smooth and soft after doing this.

Nail care

If our nails are not maintained properly, it makes our hands look neglected. Trimming our nails and removing chipped nail polish are important to keep our hands looking clean and healthy. Don’t forget to apply an oil on your cuticles so your nails don’t look dry and uncared for.

Follow these simple tips to transform the look and feel of your hands. Your hands will be looking smooth and soft in no time!

Written by Harshani Dinushika


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