5 Ways To Get Smooth And Shiny Legs

When it comes to the skin on our legs, we have all noticed that our legs are the hardest area of our body to keep moisturised. Our legs tend to get dry and rough very easily if they are not looked after or cared for. I’m not going to lie – there have been many occasions where I have been running late and have skipped on moisturising my legs. When I do this, my legs tend to be very rough to the touch and also look extremely dull. Are you someone who experiences the same thing? If so, read on to find out how you can have smooth, shiny and soft legs all day long!

The skin on our legs is a lot thicker than the skin on other parts of our body. This is the main reason why our legs tend to get dry and flaky easily. There are simple things you can incorporate into your daily routine to avoid this issue:


The first thing you need to start doing is exfoliating your legs. Exfoliation means to get rid of dead skin and dirt on our bodies by scrubbing. Exfoliation is when we use a product with a grainy texture (usually salt or sugar granules) that manually polish away the dead skin and reveal the new skin. This methods will help you achieve smoother and softer looking legs.


The second thing that is going to bring you one step closer to achieving shiny and smooth legs is moisturising. It is important to moisturise our entire bodies every single day, but it is especially important to pay extra attention to our legs. To get the best results, moisturise your legs twice a day, morning and night as this will help your skin stay hydrated all day long. Your moisturiser will work a lot better if you apply it right after you take a shower, while you skin is still damp. An important ingredient to lookout for is shea butter when you are purchasing a moisturiser, as this ingredient will help you achieve smoother, softer and hydrated skin.


Oils do wonders for our skin. Coconut oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil – these are some of the best oils for our skin and they create a barrier between our skin and the atmosphere so that our skin does not lose its moisture. Apply a generous amount of your favourite natural body oil right after you apply your moisturiser to seal it in and add an extra layer of love and hydration to your skin every night. If you make this an integral part of your night time routine, your legs will be soft and smooth in no time!


The method in which you remove the hair on your legs also plays a part in how your skin looks and feels. A lot of us grab for the razor to shave our legs as this is quick and easy. However, constantly shaving our legs multiple times a week leaves our skin feeling dry and rough. Instead, opt out for waxing every couple of weeks. This is a lot better for your skin and will also help slow down the hair growth on your legs. Your legs will be soft and smooth for weeks and you skin will thank you.


The last and important step to achieving soft and smooth legs is staying hydrated. If you are not consuming enough water during the day, this is going to show up on your skin. Your legs will look dry, flaky, rough and dehydrated. To avoid this, try to drink 6-8 glass of water a day. You will soon begin to notice a big difference on the texture, look and feel of your legs by increasing your water intake.

Written by Harshani Dinushika

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